Business / Company

Launched the sampling test of Metallico brake pads at the world grand prixes.
Received orders for racing service in eastern Japan from MICHELIN Tire Co Ltd.
2003 Spun off the Suspension Dept. into a separate company. Established Integral Co., Ltd.
2000 Released sintered pads of METALLICO brake pad brand.
1998 Established the official technical lab for Quantum Racing Suspension.
1997 Introduced slick tires of MICHELIN to the National Race. Started racing services
1995 Established the OHLINS official technical lab to popularize superior performance of OHLINS products.
1993 Established the Europe branch of AUTO STUDIO SKILL Co., Ltd. in France during the World Grand Prix (9 months) to improve responses toward the company’s operations in Europe.
1991 Supplied powerup parts for HONDA RS250 at the European Championship.
1988 Registered AUTO STUDIO SKILL Co., Ltd. as a maintenance company in Machida City, Tokyo in March.
1987 Established the work shop “Main Works” in Hachioji City.
1986 Officially launched the new maintenance operations in Machida City, Tokyo.
Self-manufactured the 258 cc machine based on HONDA RS250. Raced in the GP500 class and won a prize.
1985 Began to look for the new maintenance operations to pursue better maintenance.